31 May 2007

Hack - on Iraq

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After almost thirty years there was an official meeting between representatives of the USA and Iran. Five British mercenaries were kidnapped from the ministry of finance in central Baghdad. Suspicion fell upon the militia, the Mahdi Army, lead by Moqtada Al Sadr.

25 May 2007

Welcome from the Editor of Tribune

Welcome to this exciting new first in political cartooning. As the Editor of Tribune, which has a long and distinguished history as the a vehicle for political discussion mixed with the finest cartoonists using great jokes and sharp comment, I was delighted when our four cartoonists came up with this idea. You can look forward to the magazine and them producing great work and new ideas about Britain and the world from a left perspective. And you'll have a laugh along the way.

24 May 2007

John Jensen - on the length of June

A graphic image of the not-quite-yet-in-charge dilemma for the Chancellor from John Jensen.

Hack - who powers the powerful?

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The long-delayed energy white paper was published on Wednesday

19 May 2007

Hack - Royal news

"I do not believe politics is about celebrity" - Gordon Brown in his announcement of intent to run for the leadership of the Labour party.

17 May 2007

Hack: On the race to come second

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John McDonnell hasn't made the numbers to challenge Gordon Brown and so the chancellor will effectively become Prime Minister by acclamation. There's a short and pithy analysis of what this means here. And as for the would-be challenger to Gordon Brown from the left...
Paul Linford offers some analysis on the nominations for the deputy leadership and what happens now.

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16 May 2007

Martin Rowson: On the new Mr Brown

John Jensen: A parliamentary democracy

A very timely image, and particularly so, if you read this colourful piece from Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich East, who is helping John Cruddas in the deputy leadership campaign.

15 May 2007

Alex Hughes's View - 18th May 2007

Hello ... welcome

... and thanks for visiting the new cartoon diary. We four cartoonists are going to be publishing work here weekly.

Updates will usually happen on Wednesdays. If you'd like to keep an eye on this site, you can bookmark us or even sign up for a regular update using Google. You can sign up using the little orange button on the right hand side of the screen. Clicking it will deliver you a regular news feed of all the images we are producing week-by-week straight onto a Google homepage.

Tomorrow's excitements include the first contribution from John Jensen. You can find out a bit more about John here,here or see a life-size cartoon of him here!

10 May 2007

Hack - Ten years of Tony's version of the truth

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What we have learned about the PM and his willingness to avoid telling us absolutely everything.

08 May 2007

Hack - Refuse news: 080507

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People like having a weekly collection of rubbish. The new extended period is not popular.

Alex Hughes's View - 11th May 2007