31 August 2007

Rowson on Princess Diana-dom

I drew this for the Scotsman but thought all you Loyal Tribunites might like to share it...

Tribune reading materials

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28 August 2007

Tribune's old stateswoman: Beatrice Webb

The Tribune History Blog is back after the bank holiday break with an Old Stateswoman profile on Beatrice Webb, Fabian intellectual, trade union historian, apologist for Stalinist Russia – but most of all, tireless campaigner against the workhouse system.

22 August 2007

Tribune summer holidays

Yes, even hard-working political journals must take a little time off. Normal service will be resumed in early September. We’ll see whether 'bouncing Brown' is still in operation...

03 August 2007

Tribune editor on television

See the man in action on 18 Doughty Street TV. The link is courtesy of Iain Dale.

02 August 2007

The Editor's choice from 3 August edition

Hello and welcome to the site. As well as brilliant cartoons from Alex Hughes and Martin Rowson this week's edition of Tribune contains an expose of the British firms profiting from a different form of global terror, a disturbing account of genocide in Baluchistan, Ken Livingstone on Boris Johnson, news on the Tory council in turmoil after appointing a BNP member to its race equality committee and an arts section which includes reviews of John Pilger, Harold Pinter and television's treatment of gay sex. And satirist Chris Proctor takes an irreverently funny look at Afghanistan.
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Hack on Mayor Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson

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Mayor Ken calls Boris, his biggest challenge yet. Speaking for the cartooning and caricaturing fraternity, it will certainly be entertaining and, thus, cartoonists for Johnson!