25 September 2007

Hack on Gordon's Labour conference speech

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The 'bounce' clearly remains very much in operation. It was a careful PMs speech, long on exhortation, generalities and clever political positioning. It was, however, short of any detail of how the desirable generalities are going to be achieved on either side of the upcoming election. Watch that space. Reaction from the great and the good is here courtesy of the BBC.

20 September 2007

Tribune History: Marie Lloyd and the music hall strike

This week on the Tribune History blog, we take a look at a 1907 strike which closed the music halls for a fortnight - and at the part played in the dispute by the doyenne of performers, Marie Lloyd.

You can also catch up on past Strike of the Month features and our ever popular series on Old Statespersons.

18 September 2007

Hack on party conference season

’Tis the season for seaside drawings and laughing at Ming Campbell...

Alex Hughes's View - 21st September 2007

14 September 2007

Tribune old Stateswoman: Anne Loughlin

Read about this remarkable lady, here.

09 September 2007

05 September 2007