21 November 2007

HM Revenue and Customs news cartoon

When your reputation for economic and security competence goes, you do not have much left as a government.
Drawn 21st November 2007
The best British political cartoons

19 November 2007

Hack animated cartoon-the Northern Rock crisis

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The Northern Rock crisis hints at very nasty problems associated with the city of London and the way Gordon Brown allowed it a long leash while he was Chancellor. The resulting crisis looks like the unpleasant result what former Chairman of The US Federal Reserve bank, Alan Greenspan, used to call irrational exuberance.*
A potted history of Prometheus:

Here on Mount Caucasus, Prometheus was tormented day and night by a giant vulture tearing at his liver. By day, the eagle would come down to the cliff and devour Prometheus' liver, and by night the liver would regenerate, only to have it destroyed the following day again.

The best British political cartoons
* Reckless business practice. Take your pick.