29 June 2007

Tribune contents 29 June 2007

In this week's Tribune:

  • Social housing back on the agenda
  • Ed Balls on global financial inclusion
  • Taking on the Tories over Europe
  • What's wrong with Gordon Brown
  • Private equity managers turn Britain into banana republic.

28 June 2007

Not the Deputy Prime Minister...

...but in the cabinet she's Leader of the House of Commons, and Minister for Women. Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party.

...and the runner up is...

Alan Johnson... now the Health Secretary

The Miliband kid

We are told, the new foreign secretary is both strong and tough - good job, because only the best is good enough.

The creamiest grin, the whitest smile
The goodness that's in Labour guile

Pencil sketch.

Hello Darling...

(...in the words of the immortal Edmond Blackadder). Our new Gordon, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling

First woman @ Home

Congratulations to former chief whip Jacqui Smith. A pencil sketch 'first go'. She seems to have inherited some of Margaret Beckett's teeth...

And, on the 'other' news about Tony Blair being interviewed for a third time about cash for honours, we refer you to something done not-so-long ago.

Jack Straw for Justice!

Jack Justice - a pencil sketch for a future knight of the realm, no doubt.

26 June 2007

Alex Hughes's View - 29th June 2007

We would like to refer you to the entry for June 21

It's new job number one - and somebody in the White House clearly has a highly developed sense of humour. Our soon-to-be-ex-PM is going to be a middle east peace envoy.

24 June 2007

20 June 2007

Hack on the public spending squeeze

Poor old Prudence. This 'hug' is as inevitable as the Gordon Brown inheritance cartoons that will have to be drawn next week

12 June 2007

07 June 2007

Hack on the G8 climate change debate

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Why would anyone say no to helping save the planet?

06 June 2007

John Jensen on the Gordon Brown cabinet

While all the attention is on the G8 and the return of the Cold War,things are stirring at home. Heavens, even the BBC is at it.

Double click on the image for a close-up.