15 May 2009

MPs expenses - Martin Rowson - 14th May 2009


Bobby said...


I love your work. What a cool style you have! Reminds me a bit of the Beano, in a good way.

I took on my 8 year old niece in a political cartooning challenge. I'm not too hot at drawing so I thought with the UK Election coming up, it would level the playing field. Here's how we did:


As an expect, I'd love your thoughts, so please do leave a message.

I'm running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday (April 18th) so do check out my 'charity' page too for some amusement. I'm running for the National Autistic Society. Any support would be ace!

Keep up the great work!

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Ken said...

Pretty funny how they are dividing up the barrel. Seems like that is going on a lot now days. Everyone is trying to get there piece. Thanks for the cartoon and good laugh, Kenneth Gibbons LLC